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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Xxy Genetic Disorder

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What is the value of karyotypes as a diagnostic tool & a genetic tool?

What process is resposible for abnormal karyotypes?
Answer pleaseee and thank you!

Karyotypes look at the chromosomes as a whole. Karyotyping can therefore detect and diagnose large scale deletions, translocations, aneuploidy etc. Genetically speaking, they also help us understnad the modes of inheritance.

Abnormal karyotypes are the results of errors during meiosis. Deletions, inversions, translocations, errors in segregation

Here are some examples
Turner syndrome results from a single X chromosome (45, X or 45, X0).
Klinefelter syndrome, the most common male chromosomal disease, otherwise known as 47, XXY is caused by an extra X chromosome.
Edwards syndrome is caused by trisomy (three copies) of chromosome 18.
Down syndrome, a common chromosomal disease, is caused by trisomy of chromosome 21.
Patau syndrome is caused by trisomy of chromosome 13.
Also documented are trisomy 8, trisomy 9 and trisomy 16, although they generally do not survive to birth.
Some Disorders arise from loss of just a piece of one chromosome, including

Cri du chat (cry of the cat), from a truncated short arm on chromosome 5. The name comes from the babies’ distinctive cry, caused by abnormal formation of the larynx.
1p36 Deletion syndrome, from the loss of part of the short arm of chromosome 1.
Angelman syndrome – 50% of cases have a segment of the long arm of chromosome 15 missing.

Project 47 XXY – Living with Klinefelter’s Syndrome

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Post Dramatic Disorder

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Can an event or sequence cause one to have a metaphorical lockdown of emotions/intelligence/certain functions?

I can’t seem to return to my old state of mind, one I had prior to a sort of trauma. The only problem is, i don’t know what it is, or the root cause of this trauma. Which is the main reason i can’t conquer it. Can any one bounce some ideas why, or how i can lift this lockdown. I don’t care what it is.

I heard of post dramatic disorder from wars and attacks. I would say before you sleep, what cause you the problem and how can you solve it.

With enough questions, your mind will give you answer to what and why.

Post dramatic editing disorder

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Panic Attacks

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panic attacks
What are some treatments for panic attacks?

Lately I have been having tons of panic attacks and I was wondering what I can do during them so I can breathe better, because sometimes I can’t breathe barely at all during them. Is there a medicine I could use? Thanks!

Remind yourself you are okay and safe over and over until you believe it. A lot of the panic in panic attacks are not based in reality, think through what you’re worrying about. Listen to music, draw or journal. Focus on your breathing by breathing in, holding it for a second or two, breathe out, hold it for a second or two and repeat, it’s very calming! Go to your doctor and ask for medication, there are many good medications for Anxiety, you may also want to consider therapy it’s really helpful too. I have severe Anxiety and I know it’s really hard and it feels absolutely awful, but you’ll get through it. Good luck!

Panic Attacks & Anxiety: My Story

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March 16th, 2013 at 11:53 pm

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