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Mental Conditions And Symptoms

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How do I convince my brother to apply for a VA mental disability pension?

He needs the pension so he can live in a house, pay bills, and buy food. He thinks nothing is wrong with him but he has all the classic symptoms of Aspberger’s. He always has. It was just never discussed. My sister talked to a Psychiatrist about our brother’s behavior and he said he would definitely qualify. How do we do this? He will get terribly upset. We already suggested he apply for it and he said he is “certainly not going to act like a crazy person to get over on . . . uh on to that.” Please help.

I am assuming by this post you are talking about a moderate ASD, not a mild one, but please hear what I have to say as I am very knowledgeable about developmental Disorders (particularly ASD).

And if anyone here is going to say my information is incorrect, bear in mind I am describing a more severe case of Asperger’s because that is what I gather this question is referring to.

Firstly, is this Asperger’s or Autistic Disorder? A person can be profoundly disabled by Autistic Disorder, but the most severe cases of Asperger’s only make it to moderate on the Autism spectrum (Autism is referring to the category, not autistic disorder). Asperger’s generally doesn’t regress but individuals with autistic disorder may develop normally and then regress around the ages of 2 or 3. Individuals with Asperger’s may have speech idiosyncrasies, whereas individuals with autistic disorder may have delays in acquiring speech (and sometimes a complete absence of speech). Intellectual impairment is never present in Asperger’s syndrome when it is relatively common in autistic disorder. I understand you may need to ask a parent about some of these, and in milder cases the conditions are practically identical, but specified is good when you are trying to explain to your brother why he needs help.

Does your brother really need help? Many people with high functioning autism spectrum Disorders are very capable of living independently. Life skills can be learned from psychiatrists, and having a job will probably improve his condition (he will develop social skills and independent life skills). That said some people can’t hold down a job. He may need this pension but be aware that there are many programs in place whereby disabled people can be employed so that the employer pays percentage of a non disabled persons salary, this percentage is decided by what percentage of a non disabled persons job they will be doing (for example someone with a physical disability in a shop may only be able to serve half as many people as his/her coworkers, so this person is payed 50%), the rest of their salary is made up by the government.

Before getting him a pension you will need a diagnosis. Unless you really can’t afford it then you should probably go to an ASD specialist, they will also be able to talk to your brother and they can explain exactly what the diagnosis means. This process is difficult but the good thing is the same place will often have classes on how to cope with HF ASD.

Just ask the psychiatrists/psychologists to explain it to him. He may get upset if you try to tell him that he has something wrong with his brain and he needs to get money so he can live normally, but he might not think he needs money if you try to tell him that he has a small problem, but it doesn’t mean he is stupid or crazy, and he needs a little support to help him get by. The people their have years of experience in telling mothers in denial that their child has autism, and people with the disorder that they have it.

If you have to convince him yourself use examples where this condition has caused problems with his independent living. Make sure you have loads of information about Asperger’s so he can see that there are actually some good things about having it. You need to get him diagnosed by a professional anyway so you may as well get them to do that (or explain to you how to) anyway.

Good luck.

Most Common Signs And Symptoms of Panic Attacks and How to Deal with them

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Stress Symptoms Of

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stress symptoms of
What are 20 stress related disease and 15 ways to relieve stress?

I need it for a homework. Not Symptoms Of Stress, diseases cause by stress.

There aren’t technically stress related diseases. However, there ARE stress related Disorders.

Stress Related Disorders:

1. General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
2. Agoraphobia
3. Social Anxiety Disorder
4. Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D)
5. Bipolar Disorder
6. Clinical Depression
7. Schizophrenia
8. Panic Disorder (having Panic Attacks)
9. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
10. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
11. Hoarding Disorder
12. Specific Phobias (fear of flying,fear of water etc.)
13. Hypochondria (Health Anxiety)
14. Nocturnal Panic Attacks
15. Insomnia
16. Nightmare Disorder
17. Alcoholism
19. Addictive Disorders
20. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Here are 25 Ways to Naturally Relieve Stress:


Hope you get an A.

Physical Signs and Symptoms Of Stress

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What Is Stress

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what is stress

Removing Stress And AnxietyRelaxation Techniques

This manual is a fantastic guide for those of us who handle worry and anxiousness in our day-to-day lives. Whether your worry and Anxiety originates from external challenges such as job, family or friends, or from within, this manual is an outstanding guide to enable you to get started in defeating these Disorders.

This manual covers some of the most common sources of worry and anxiety and how it adversely influences our minds and subsequently our bodies. You will certainly discover regarding how good nourishment and straightforward methods of mind-calming exercise and breathing exercises may transform your health, your life and your total welfare.

Rid of Stress And Anxiety

Leisure strategies to help you get healthy and relaxed assured.
Learning to unwind is uncomplicated
What occurs to your system when you are worried
Chemical changes that take place during worry and anxiety
Troubles induced by tension
Reacting to worry
Strategies in coping with worry
Individual tension responses
Symptoms of tension
Techniques to help alleviate focal fears and stress and anxiety
Doing yoga to help decrease worry and anxiousness
Breathing solutions that help lower stress
Breathing methods
Meditation and Anxiety Management
Using imagery to help lower stress
The best diet that helps alleviate anxiousness
What Is Stress

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