Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Adult Attention Disorder

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adult attention disorder
What are some common forms of treatment for Adult ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder?)?

I’m getting tested for Adult ADD in a couple of days. Anyone have experience with this and familiar with how it’s treated?
Which meds and how do they work?

It’s treated, most effectively, with both medications and therapy.

OK I don’t know anything about therapy but medications in this arena I know. I’m ADD so they say.

The best, and usually the first prescribed, are the SNRI’S. The best because they are non-addictive–not most effective.

There are three in this class that I know:
Newer more effective–Strattera
Sorry can’t remember the third, it’s new.

OK, the ones that work very effective but come with the down side of being both psychologically and physiologically addictive the Amphetamines. These, of course, have a potential for abuse. This is why docs are very hesitant to prescribe them.

Lowest strength or effectiveness to highest.

Max 20mg three times a day–short acting, half life about 2 hours. This drug has the least down side risk of the amphetamines.

Max dose, again 60mg per day–60mg has an effective dose of amphetamine of 50mg. Half of that being the stronger drug Dexedrine. Half life, I think, in the non-SR about 4-6 hours.

I’ve been “ON” this drug for three years now. If I had it do choose over I would not have stepped up from Adderall to Dexedrine. Very addictive…
60mg max half life 10 hours in the SR caps.

Then there’s the good old drug our federal government introduced to its citizens in WW2—Methamphetamine.
Don’t worry doctors don’t prescribe this one any more and for good reason–look at what they did with it in the 50’s–Idiots. They prescribed it for everything under the sun–the NEW drug (doctors always prescribe the NEW drug on the block no matter what the H>>> it is). Now this drug is the No. 1 drug of abuse on the street market and destroys many lives.

OK—I have run on here, but I hope my perspective helps you in your choices.

Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder

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