Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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anxiety disorder center
General Anxiety Disorder?

My problem is I have been taking Zoloft for quite sometime and now I have been downgraded to generic version of Zoloft which is kind of similar to zoloft.

I read something about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is better than taking medication. Also I read that people get Anxiety or one of the causes of anxiety is because of not having a stable childhood. This is defiantly me I did not have a stable childhood at all, I moved from school to school had a lot of problems in schools. I can summarize it briefly and say my childhood was messed up, very messed up, (its not just problems I had in school I had problems outside of school I did not have any friends as a kid). And kids can be mean. Anyways my question is: Does anyone know where I could locate a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy center?

look on the internet and its probably not just a center. you might want to look under therapist or Psychologist. because a lot of the times therapist and Psychologist have different therapies (cognitive, behavioral, humanistic, biological, etc) and they all might work in the same clinic. and yes the cognitive behavorial therapist/psychologist will help you the most with your anxiety because anxiety is cognitive and then it shows in your behavior. but to start by yourself, sit down and think about why your are the way you are, what exactly happened in your past, why do you still act this way, etc. yes it sounds stupid, but that is what the psychologist is going to do, they pick your brain!!! so you can save some money for a bit and pick your own brain, then go see someone and tell them exactly whats up and they might have some ideas that you never thought of to fix your problem. and if you dont like the meds, get off of them, sometimes they can cover up the problem (meaning they make everything seem ok, so you cant really find out why you have anxiety because they are making you forget about it and making you happy!! you get it right??) so look for a specific person, not a center or a clinic!! good luck and dont forget to smile at everyone!!!

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