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anxiety symptoms cures

Social Anxiety Symptoms What Are They – Why Did I Get Them, How Can I Cure Them

This article will cover social Anxiety Symptoms,common reason your adopt the symptoms and FIRST and FOREMOST how your can CURE this condition and get back to a normal existance.

Common Social Anxiety symptoms .

Fearful of every meeting with a new person.
Fear that someone is watching you, and thinking that strangers will judge you in a negative way.
Fear your mind will go black in public.
Always Thinking people are staring at you.
Desperate urge to escape from a social event or situation.
Analysis every little comment in past and future situation. What she said … he said … what I should not said.
Fear that will do something embarrassing
Anxiety when eating in public or in front of others.
Any thing in public creates fear.

Why do you get Social Anxiety symptoms?

Usually symptoms start from bullying at a young age, or commonly someone who has low self esteem because they have been told all there lives that they are no good, or dumb generally just been put down.Sometimes being over weight or having a disability contribute to social anxiety symptoms.Do keep in mind this disorder is a Mental Condition it is not actually physical. It also is not terminal, this condition has been created by you and your own thoughts. Your mind is a VERY powerful device after all you keep tell it you can not do that, or your afraid

How to cure social anxiety symptoms.

There is only 1 way that is safe and in my opinion the best method for treating and CURING social anxiety symptoms.This method is with the very thing that started the anxious thoughts in the first place your mind.

The mind is an EXTREMELY powerful and sometime VERY dangerous device if you do not have full control over it.As severe as social anxiety symptoms are it is QUITE simple to CURE them. There is a method that is 100% natural and with a 99% percent success rate

.It teaches you to over come all the FEAR and there are little trick to get INSTANT relief. There are 4 words you need to hear The one move technique. Ask your self a question, do you really want to be carrying around this disorder a minute longer then you have been?

About the Author

Living your life FREE from social anxiety symptoms is VERY achievable, CLICK the links for some more VALUABLE resources, and a FREE mini course on social anxiety symptoms, and other related conditions. Find out how 1000 s of people have learn’t the technique and STOPPED Panic Attacks in it’s tracks.

PURE O, Ocd and Anxiety Disorders

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August 15th, 2011 at 4:39 pm

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