Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Books On Ptsd

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books on ptsd
Hey everyone..i am doing a research paper on Psychological effects of war…?

i am doing a research paper on psychological effects of war. if you know of any good books that have stuff about Ptsd and backlash or anything else that involves psychological effects of war can you please list them i would greatly appreciate it!!! thanks!
well thank you all so very much i cant choose which answer is the best because you all gave me very helpfull tips for my essay thank you all!! plus this essay is very importanat to me i have a brother that has Ptsd and some close friends also have it, so i want to educate my class on it and hope they will have a better understanding on other effects besides death that can occue in the War.
opps spelled a word worng sorry lol

Go to Do a search…lots of info. They will bring up summaries of current research. Unless you pay for journal access you will have to go to your college library to get access, to see the articles. Most colleges pay for access to apa journals. There is alot of info now on PTSD as we are seeing in it very high numbers with returning vets of Iraq..also very high suicide rate right now. Good luck with the paper. (college psych prof)

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