Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Clinical Depression Treatment

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clinical depression treatment
Can you tell me about any treatment for Clinical Depression and Panic Attacks?

I am 50 and been suffering for 2 years . I am always dizzy, half my body shivers and the chest palpitates, my throat has a blocked feeling, i have chest pains and cant balance myself well. My hands are feeling lifeless, and i get shocks in my sleep and wake up with a pounding chest . I have been to hospitals many times and seen many doctors but after all the tests they cant find anything. Now i have been told that i suffer from Depression and Panic Disorder.
I am suffering a lot and can you tell me if this condition will continue till i die, and if you know of any treatment so that i can recover and live
Doctors now keep telling me that i am out of my head gone completely mad and that i should not come and worry them any longer
Thank you

I highly doubt doctors have said that, If they did, find a new doctor. Mostly they are treated with therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and sometimes medication.

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