Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Clotting Disorders

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clotting disorders
Dobermans and clotting Disorders?

A lot of people jump on other breeds for problems, but this one really bugs me. Why is it that there are still Dobermans with Von Willebrands? There is testing for this disorder, and it is well known if you breed 2 affected dogs together then you will have an entire litter of affected pups, and if you breed 1 parent that is affected and 1 that is not, then you will get an entire litter of pups that are carriers. So, why is it that breeders in this breed have not bred this out of the Doberman?
Well Fluffy do you want a gold star for that stupid answer?? Duh, yes it does, my question is with Dobes!!!

You can spot the “affecteds” but you can’t spot the carriers. The gene could be carried for generations and not show up, until you breed a carrier to carrier and get an affected.

Some breeds (like Scotties) now have a DNA test for this, but Dobermans do not yet. The gene fault is different in different breeds.

Basset hounds don’t have a DNA test for vWD, but we do now (just in the past year) have a test for Basset Hound Thrombopathia, which is another serious Bleeding Disorder. They’ve also uncovered the marker for a similar disease in Great Pyrenees and European Landseers (NOT the Landseer version of the Newfoundland but a separate breed).

Even with the tests, it will still take time to eliminate the disease completely. Since BHT is estimated to be carried by 25% of the Basset Hound population, to automatically eliminate all carriers from breeding would exclude many excellent dogs who have much to contribute to the breed. The researchers who located the gene recommend that such a carrier should simply be bred to a clear dog only, and all puppies in the resulting litter must be tested and the best prospects selected from the clear ones.

EDIT: I stand corrected regarding the vWD test for dobes.

Thrombophilia / Clotting Disorders

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