Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Different Eating Disorders

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different eating disorders

West Ridge Academy Suggests How To Help Your Teen Overcome Destructive Eating Habits

West Ridge Academy says that having an Eating Disorder is bad enough but it can be even more terrifying when your child has it. Not all eating Disorders are immediately life threatening but they all should be taken very seriously. Many qualified and professional facilities like West Ridge Academy are out there and experts recommend you utilize professional help when faced with a child with an Eating Disorder. Addressing an eating disorder right away is one of the best and most effective ways in solving the problem. There are people out there that can help your child overcome it.

Why Eating Disorders Occur

Eating Disorders typically begin with a changing image of self by focusing self worth on our own physical appearance rather that who we are. Because the inner and outer persons are very different. The personality and/or the spirit is the most beautiful part of a person. Teen are particularly susceptible to the poisons of the media teaching them that physical appearance defines them. The primary driver of most societies is this obsession with the physical body. No one is perfect and seeing these images makes people want and expect to be perfect which is impossible. West Ridge Academy can help those suffering from Eating Disorders. The root cause of eating disorders are diverse and ofter stem from some physiological issue, thus another reason you should seek professional treatment. It’s not entirely understood why they occur.

While many teenagers live perfectly normal lives and have a healthy body image, for others they take this to extreme and end up with an eating disorder because they have become so obsessed with their weight and how they look to other people that they start to hate food or use it in a negative way. Binging followed by a purge is know as bulimia and simply not eating to control weight and size is called Anorexia. Either Way West Ridge Academy is a good resource. Parents need to watch their children closely if their child acts peculiarly towards food or you notice any new behavior patterns develop in your child. For example a child may skip food often or say they ate someplace else to avoid eating a family meal. This can be an early warning sign that something is wrong.

How Parents Can Help

Becoming a positive role model for your child can be a very effective way to teach them about healthy body image and nutrition. When all you can do isn’t enough to save your child from the grasp of an eating disorder professional facilities like West Ridge Academy are there to help. Often once the eating disorder has taken root it is very difficult to overcome without professional help. Eating disorders are always life threatening however they are much more dangerous to teens as they are missing out on the nutrition they need during this important developmental stage of there life that without the proper nutrition they will suffer life long effects.

A parent should call professionally organizations like West Ridge Academy because these conditions can lead to:

• Drop in pulse, breathing rate, or blood pressure
• Fingernail breaks, or hair loss
• Loss of a period for a woman
• Lack of concentration
• Anemia can develop
• Joints become swollen
• Brittle bones
• Bulimia
• Pain in the stomach
• Stomach or kidney damage
• Tooth decay from stomach acids
• Expansion of salivary glands from throwing up
• Low Potassium, can lead to heart problems
Parents don’t have to suffer and watch their child go through an eating disorder.

Professionals like those at West Ridge Academy can help your child get back on track and on the road to recovery by teaching them health eating habits and healthy self image. Contact a professional right away if there is a problem whether someone at West Ridge Academy or not.

Special thanks to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for being the special guests at West Ridge Academy’s Eating Disorder awareness night.

Eating Disorder Awareness Fundraider Where Tarberancle Choir Sang

Eating Disorders

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