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When You Should Go to the Doctor for Eye Problems?

Our eyes are sensitive and easily damaged. It is essential to know what constitutes an eye emergency, because even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time, a small eye condition can result in complete loss of sight when not treated correctly. What’s more, an eye condition could hint at a more serious general problem within the body, such as diabetes or cancer. By ignoring the condition, you are allowing a potentially deadly disease to take over your body.

First, if you experience any direct trauma to the eyes or face, do not take chances as bleeding could result in vision loss. Skull fractures should also result in paying special attention to one’s eyes. Should your eyes be exposed to chemicals of any kind, wash your eye with water and get to a doctor, immediately.

When dust, or something else, flies into your eye, a few rounds of blinking or a bit of water will usually do the trick. If you find that after half an hour your eye is still feeling uncomfortable, go to your doctor as you may have scratched your eye and/or need further treatment. According to reports on eye injuries, the things to watch out most for are foreign bodies or debris which flies at a high speed. These often hit your eye the quickest and hardest – causing the most damage. Cuts to or near your eye constitute another level of eye emergency. Don’t take any risks, go to the doctor.

Even if you have not experienced any kind of trauma or none of the above have occurred, certain sensations are also sure signs that you need medical attention. These include, bleeding or other discharge from or around the eye; bruising around the eye; a sudden loss of vision or decrease in vision; headaches that won’t go away or re-occurring on a regular basis; itchy eyes; blurred or double vision; an increase in floaters; two pupils that are not equally sized; the feeling that you have something in your eye and yet you cannot see it; sharp or dull eye pain (any eye pain, in fact); a sudden sensitivity to light; or unnatural swelling around the eye area and/or bloodshot eyes for no apparent reason or for an extended period. The appearance of flashing lights is a huge warning sign, so take note!

The most important advice to remember is that the most that you should ever do with your eye is to blink, wash it out with warm/cool water, or use a cold/hot compress- such as a tea bag. Nothing else! Don’t press or rub a sore or injured eye, do not use cotton swabs or tweezers in your eyes and please, never, ever attempt to remove a foreign body in any other way but by blinking or using water. If it doesn’t come out, your doctor is the only one who should ever try to force it out.

Remember, prevention is always better than the cure and protecting your eyes is the primary step towards taking care of your vision and ensuring that you have it for a lifetime. Visit your doctor at least once a year for an updated eyeglasses prescription and if you generally wear contact lenses, keep in mind that you should also buy glasses to match your current prescription. Your eyes need a rest from your contact lenses in order to recover from the eye strain and dry eyes. Additionally, when you are suffering from infection or any kind of eye condition, contact lenses are an absolute no-no. Look after your eyes – you only get one pair!

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