Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Mental Health Statistics

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mental health statistics
what are the statistics?

does anyone know what the success rate is of people that seek Mental Health Help concerning anger and verbal abuse in a realtionship? does it really help the indiviual and the marriage??any personal experience here??

I’m convinced that 100% of the people who really and truly want to help themselves actually do learn the skills they need to process their anger without the ‘volcanic eruptions’ that lead to uncontrollable outbursts of verbal abuse. I had such issues about 20 years ago. I went to counseling for 6 months for 1 hr on Saturdays. I discovered many things about myself; and understanding my anger (both my parents were destroyed by sickness and death when I was 14 years old) released me from its power.

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