Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Military Ptsd Symptoms

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military ptsd symptoms

Anxiety/Depression Symtoms Associated With Ptsd

Post-Traumatic Stress syndrome is largely hidden from the general public’s sight, but make no mistake — it’s real, and it is affecting not just military combat veterans,but also support and assistance personel,medics,medical doctors,nurese,medi-vac pilots and their friends and families.

Ptsd is really a very big problem now and the Veturans Administration is attempting to create some sort of     concerted effert to give veterans different resources to assist them to deal with it. Post-Traumatic Stress is not an Anxiety disorder symptom but a distinct nervousness condition.

While Pstd is mostly associated with the military, civilians have been known to have PTSD after car accidents, fires and other Traumatic Experiences.  The dignosis of borderline Personality Disorder is often made when Pstd is a more appropiate diagnosis or, at least, a necessary concomitant diagnosis.

Although Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not a function of age, its effects can be horrendous in children.  Car accidents and other Traumatic Experiences can result in trauma symptoms in any person, even those people who are very healthy in general.

There is a good chance that from the nervousness and stress asociated with PSTD vets might turn to drugs and alcohol to help cope with the insomnia and nightmares connected with their experiances.

Depression is the biggest and most frequent complaint reported by military personel to their medical doctors and families.You will find more than 4,300 Afghanistan and Iraq vets still in the service suffering from PTSD.

Some of the symptoms associated With Ptsd are the same as these for Anxiety And Depression.!.
no appetite

Some will have bouts of well being and happyness that rapidly drops into into feelings of depression,sadness and anger.

PTSD is the only nervousness disorder that’s defined as getting triggered by a traumatic  event. With out Help Ptsd could be a extremely significant situation causing panic, Major Depression, Anxiety Attacks within the people effected.

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Anxiety and/or Stress Disorder doesn’t have to be a life-long condition.Like most ailment it’s feasible to Cure Ptsd with support and guidance For much more info visit my website for the free complimentary report on  anxiety,panic and depression.!.

Treating Complex Ptsd – Jerry Boriskin – The Meadows of Wickenburg, Arizona

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