Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Neuromuscular Disorders

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neuromuscular disorders
Any solutions to a howling beagle/basset?

We have a three year old wonderful little beagle/basset mix, and he is a very good dog with one problem. He howls the saddest cry you have ever heard as soon as he sees me moving around the house. His name is actually BaROOOOO, because thats the sound he makes. In the summer, we spend a couple hours outside every afternoon, walking and gardening and playing. I have a Neuromuscular Disorder that makes doing this in the winter impossible, and he misses the exercise and companionship greatly, I know this. Problem is, my husband is allergic to him, so the dog cannot be in the house, and my time with the dog is limited to a brief walk on mild days, about 15 minutes in the garage, and a couple days a week I take him for a drive. He is crying because he is lonely, but its out of control. What can I do? Would getting him a companion pet help? He is really sociable with other animals. He loves cats, dogs and our rabbit. (Right now the bunny cage is by his pen, safe distance for both.)

As mentioned before, this behavior is par for the course with these breeds. A companion might help, but you’ll really be spreading yourself thin, as another dog would require as much time and energy. Also, beagles and bassets are both very scent oriented. When they are paired with another dog, especially one that is proficient at digging out of fences, you’ll really be asking for trouble. These dogs love to roam and follow wherever their noses take them.

Have you thought about hiring a neighborhood kid to come play with him for about 20-30 minutes a day. That might help to alleviate his loneliness, a little.

Neuromuscular Disorders (Part 1)

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