Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Domestic Violence

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how can i deal with having Depression/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/victim of domestic violence against ex?

i will make it as brief as all started with my x whos now in jail for 5 months because he beat me up and left me unconsicous in a hotel room cuz he didnt want to go to jail the police found him now hes locked up its been 6 months and i still cant function from daily life i sit home and watch tv all day i feel miserable i have no desire to get up and move on im still stuck on the situation the doctor said i had Depression/Ptsd….i just want to know how can i move on go back to feeling normal and alive again i feel like a walking zombie…and my family is not supportive they didnt even praise me for putting him in jail they just give me the cold shoulder and act like nothing happend and i should move on. BUT I CANT IM STUCK IN MY LIFE

Congratulations on filing charges and putting him in jail! If you need more help or even sue him for damages in civil court, here are some attorneys or experience in domestic violence. The first thing you need to do is to find healthy support, and supportive people who understand what is going on with you . Dont go back to him for any reason, or let him back into your life for any reason, no matter how convincing he is or even if he is ‘sorry’, that is part of the abuse cycle. The next time he may kill you. So, I am giving you some resources you can check out and find the ones you think would help you. I am also giving you a free self help version of a healing method used for many things successfully , including Ptsd. yes. and therapists trained in it. those are click on ‘get started free’ , therapists and a movie on Healing Ptsd at Which is where I think you should use your time and focus right now, to move beyond this.
It is also helpful to know that the hormone experts /specialists think the adrenals are involved in ptsd, and the best help there is to get your hormones tested and talk to doctors who know about what to do for this like these they answer questions at times at
They recommend that People With Ptsd take 600mg of Panax Ginseng (about 10$ for a good quality at a health food store) at night since it is an adaptogenic herb and will help balance adrenal and other hormones.

Here are some resources for you on domestic violence and it would do you well to look up ‘Traumatic bonding’ and ‘stockholm syndrome’ to understand more about yoru feelings. That is a good use of your time right now also.
People that are suppose to love us, first have to know what love is. Many people do not. It could be that your family and friends, don’t understand your situation, or are into blaming you or what not.
It is never the fault of the person assualted, even if they are masters at provoking.(of course you should not provoke) You will need some real help in resolving all this. is a quiz you can take and the book FEAR, is one you should read.
There are always people who will put the blame on the one victimized, that is wrong.
You did do the right thing.
I don’t know why they are treating you this way, you should stay away from anyone who blames you or doesn’t support your healthy attitude to support and defend yourself and hold someone else accountable. Maybe there is violence in your own family, as often is the case ,and the family is in various places with their understanding of all that. idk
There are also womens shelters in many areas, for domestic violence , and most should have counselors, but only trust those that you find are trustworthy. All therapists and counselors are not necessarily what you need.Many offer free support and counseling. Some therapists are abusive, and slip through the system , so be careful and ‘trust, but verify’. Look in the yellow pages under domestic violence, womens shelters, crisis shelters and counseling or mental health.
People don’t realize that some of the helping professionals have the highest rape rates, just saying… and a hot line 1800799SAFE.
Ask them for resources.
Your numbness is part of the trauma. Your families responses are part of the problem.Find support.
the very best to you. Continue to take care ofyourself. Praise Your self, become your own best friend.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” “PTSD”

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