Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Schizoid Personality Disorder

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schizoid personality disorder
Anyone have has schizoid Personality Disorder?

Hello, I’m somebody with a schizoid Personality Disorder looking to meet others like myself. I want to hear personal stories of the childhoods and current adulthood of schizoids. Please contact me at if interested.


I have SPD, my childhood was somewhat unstable. My sister and I were raised by my mother until I was in grade school, when she became unfit to care for us anymore (drugs), then we moved in with my father who was somewhat emotionally distant. I had a fairly average social life through out the rest of grade school until I got into high school where I became popular with many different groups of people, I was really a social chameleon. I never desired or sought out social activities outside of school, I never hung out with my “friends” and I would avoid situations that meant I would have to involve myself in a real friendship with anyone. When I went on to college I kept in touch with no one from high school I developed the same superficial relationships that I always have. At work I am a social chameleon and prefer to keep all relationships superficial. I have zero close friends outside of my immediate family and like it that way, I prefer solitary activities and have no desire to make friends or to participate in activities where I would meet new people. Growing up I thought I was special because I could “turn off” my feelings for another person, like my mother or other people who formerly were close and had for some reason hurt me. I could just not care either way, with no animosity or sentimentality. I have a defined morality and I can be very compassionate and empathetic if I choose to be. I can be very articulate in the written word but my vocabulary and ability to express myself does not translate well in my speech. I have a daughter now, under a year old. And that little girl is my life. I feel this unconditional love for her that I have never felt for anyone in my life. She is the one exception in my life, I keep everyone else at a distance (emotionally) but not her. I now have a reason to seek help and develop “normal” relationships and learn to be “normal” for her sake. I don’t want to in someway give her anything but a happy and healthy life and if my disorder will cause her to have a less than great father I must do something about it. So now I’m starting to reach out, starting to go outside of my normal behavior with people and staring to see what it means to be emotionally available and vulnerable. That was fun getting off my chest, write back and tell me your story at

Schizoid personality disorder

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