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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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sleep disorder clinics
Has anyone gone to Mayo Clinic for sleep Disorders? Was it affective?

I am being referred to Mayo Clinic for a Sleep Disorder ( RLS) has anyone gone there for treatment and was it affective? Did you get the same information that you would have from your specilist at home?

I went to standford’s sleep clinic since it was supposed to be the best place in the world for it and I have “insomnia,” and my parents were upset about it. It was a pretty bad experience, I discovered one of the glues they used was toxic, and I was kept awake all night by electodes on me generating a field, not being permitted to move at all, and people running down the halls screaming or something.
Afterwards I was diagnosed with sleep apnea since I was unable to sleep for long peroids, and reccomended some drugs.
I had been living with someone who had sleep apnea for about 2 weeks prior to this, and thus I knew what sleep apnea was. (When you lie down your windpipe collapses so you choke hence you can’t sleep, and this guy was up almost all the time and really messed up by sleep deprivation).
Because of that it was pretty clear to me this diagnosis was false (and possibly a catch all to diagnose people that don’t sleep after you pay for lots of expensive tests). Standford has one of the best sleep labs so I’d wager some of this is applicable to your story.

Sorry about the other question. I wanted to give it a serious answer, but with Qs like that, they tend to get mobbed with short 2 line answers, and by the time you get a real response done 8 are ahead of yours and no one ever reads it, so I basically cheated, put 1 line in, and then edited to say the full thing 😛 It’s done now.

New Sleep Disorders Clinic facility at Mayo Clinic in Florida

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