Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Sleeping Disorder

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sleeping disorder
Can you have a sleeping disorder your entire life?

What if you can’t fall asleep before 4AM and this is how it’s been your entire life?

Is it possible that this is the result of something else?

Is it possible that if you had a sleeping disorder since you were younger that it will never change?

yes if u think too much, or something is running in ur mind, or if u hav any kind of problem that always be in ur mind in that condition a person may not get sleep…….
the best thing u can do is meditation…….. do meditation, it will sure help u. join some yoga classes if avaliable in ur country
and if u hav any doubt about health problem, go to ur doc and do full checkup of urs….. ur doc will give u some tab which will help u to sleep

Sleep Disorders

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