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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder Test

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social anxiety disorder test
Social Anxiety Disorder <-- my friend?

I have a best friend whom I’ve known for 10 years. She’s about to be 15 and she THINKS she has Social Anxiety Disorder.

Her symptoms:
– She doesn’t like going to school, she’s home schooled.
– She doesn’t like meeting new people.
– She doesn’t like crowds, or going to parties.
– She doesn’t like strangers, or being the center or attention.
– It affects her daily life (as so she says).
– She’s scared of people judging her, and when she does get judged, she gets really mad.
– She has experienced eating and sleeping habits.

We did a self test, and most of her answers were positive to the questions they asked. I know self test actually don’t prove if you have it or not, but is there any real way of getting tested for it? Does a doctor do it? And does the symptoms above seem like she might have the disorder.

Thanks in advance :)
All help/answers are appreciated.

If her anxiety about being around other people and their judging her is impacting her life, then it sounds like it could be Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). The great thing about SAD is that it can be treated and the person suffering from it can live a very normal, happy life.

While a general doctor can diagnose anxiety Disorders, it would be better to have her evaluated by a Psychologist or Psychiatrist. They are mental health professionals and they know the most about these Disorders. Once she is diagnosed with the disorder, there are a few different ways it can be treated. If she sees a Psychiatrist, they will probably try to prescribe her an anti-Anxiety Medication. Zoloft (an SSRI) is a really popular one for Generalized Anxiety and Social Anxiety.

However, there are also forms of therapy that can really help someone with Anxiety Problems that require no medication. One of the most effective forms of therapy for anxieties of all types is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is a kind of therapy that addresses the person’s thoughts (the cognitive part) and their resulting actions (the behavioral part) and how they cause and contribute to the anxiety. Some level of anxiety is normal in all people – being anxious is a survival technique, we all get anxious at some point. Most people’s anxiety kicks in during appropriate times, though, while people who have Anxiety Disorders will be anxious at inappropriate times when there is no need to be. CBT works to correct that disordered thinking that can make a person’s anxiety act up when there is no reason to be anxious (like in non-threatening social situations).

CBT takes time and is hard work, but in my opinion it is better than medication because it allows the person to confront their anxiety and move past it, instead of just covering up the symptoms with medication. Also, when a person suffering from anxiety stops taking their meds, the anxiety often relapses. When you graduate from CBT, the anxiety often never comes back, because you’ve learned how to effectively deal with it and it is no longer a part of your life.

I hope your friend is able to get the help she needs, and you’re a great friend for helping her out. Good luck!

Social Anxiety Disorder Test

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