Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Statistics On Ptsd

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statistics on ptsd
Does the Marine Corps have the same rate of Ptsd and suicides as the Army?

I watched a PBS documentary on Frontline: The wounded Platoon. It is about a Platoon of U.S. Army Soldiers who had an abnormal amount of combat time and many got charged with criminal acts when they got back to the States. Many tested positive for illegal drugs when they got back. The Army also prescribed a lot of drugs while they were in Iraq. Some were sent back to combat when they themselves knew they were not mentally or legally qualified, such as one who had been charged with holding a gun to his girl friend’s head. Maybe since the Army is so much larger than the Marine Corps, we hear of things more about the Army. Where can I get the statistics?
I must congradulate the Army on the successful brainwashing of the Army Rangers. (smile)
See the Ranger Post below.

I don’t know the statistics. The Marines probably have less problems because they prepare you better for combat. Also, people understand they may face these things as a Marine.

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