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Aniety Disorder

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Natural Ways to Treat Panic Attacks

Anxiety disorder affects many people. There are varying degrees and intensities for people who suffer from a form of Anxiety disorder. More severe cases can cause the sufferer to be nearly completely disabled. Panic Attacks are one of the most significant symptoms of an Anxiety Disorder.

Anxiety Disorder is a double-header problem. What this means is that anxiety disorder is both physical and psychological. The factors that are directly responsible for the disorder cause issues that affect daily life. Most anxiety Disorders are caused by higher levels of fear about something. Traumatic Experiences lead to phobias. You actually believe that if you face what you are afraid of, your life is in danger. It is an overwhelming fear response. Your sudden fears then begin to escalate into panic attacks.

These attacks can be quite disturbing and add even more fear, which only makes things worse. You may have difficulty breathing or hyperventilate. You may also break out in a clammy sweat and feel suddenly flushed. Many people have also noticed changes in their vision and hearing. In fact, it is rather common for more severe attacks to actually cause fainting and black outs.

There are a few kinds of medications that are supposed to treat anxiety disorder. One group is for reducing your overall anxiety. The other group is designed to be taken during panic attacks to help make the attack less severe. In both cases, these medications do not always work. They also have some rather horrible potential side effects; like suicidal thoughts.

Like many other Disorders, there are natural ways to treat the attacks from anxiety disorder. There are two focus points. First, you work on learning how to reduce your ongoing anxiety exposure. Then, you can learn how to get rid of the panic attacks.

Reducing your ongoing anxiety is more about taking better care of yourself. Your main point is to reduce your excessive stress. Too much stress is a big no-no. Stress is fuel for the fire; it feeds your anxiety. When your anxiety levels reach the boiling point, an attack is not far behind. The best natural ways to accomplish this goal include meditation and aromatherapy. Meditation and aromatherapy can be combined to help you learn how to relax both your body and your mind. When you learn how to keep your anxiety levels down, the frequency of your panic attacks will decrease.

It is almost impossible to stop all attacks; you are still going to have a few slips every once in a while. For these instances, you have to learn how to take control and reduce the severity of what you experience. Meditation is usually most effective. When you experience panic attacks, the symptoms you experience will continue to increase in severity, come to a peak, and then slowly subside. The relaxation and focus aversion that you learn in meditation can actually help.

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Me talking about my Social Anxiety Disorder

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October 11th, 2011 at 12:06 pm

Anxiety Disorder Test

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anxiety disorder test

Take The Social Anxiety Disorder Tests Now!

The following social Anxiety disorder tests have been developed to assist you in determining if you may be experiencing symptoms related to Social Anxiety.

The results of this information do not constitute the practice of medicine, and this information does not replace the advice of your physician or other health care providers.

Anxiety is often a common reply to stress filled situations in everyday life however, for a lot of people anxiety may become an enormous problem. If anxiety is changing the way you enjoy life, then you could be suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder. Social Anxiety, or Social Phobia, is the anxiety caused through social interreaction. While there are no easy Social Anxiety Disorder tests, there are a variety of well known signs or symptoms which will help you to figure out what it is you are experiencing.

Do you answer yes to one or more of these questions …

1. Do you go out of your way to avoid social situations in which you might meet new people because of extreme discomfort around strangers or an overwhelming fear that you’ll do or say something embarrassing?

2. Do you experience problems with Severe Anxiety when asked to perform or speak in front of a group of people, including heart palpitations, even shaking or trembling?

3. Do you sometimes experience Emotional Stress like shortness of breath or feeling as if you cannot breathe?

4. Do you sometimes experience Emotional Stress like fear that you’re going crazy or are detached from reality?

5. Do you fear or desist from eating, drinking or writing in front of other people?

6. Does social interaction interfere with your work, school or personal life?

7. Do you feel like you’re constantly being judged or sized up when in public, even avoiding situations so this won’t happen?

8. Do you experience extreme nervousness, panic, or discomfort when dealing with authority figures such as a teacher, your boss, or other people in authority?

9. Do you understand that your fears are unreasonable or excessive but feel powerless to control them?

10. Do you often stress over or avoid phoning people you don’t know?

Individuals who suspect they are suffering from one or more of these problems often have deep embarrassment about their condition and have become habituated to hiding their anxiety at all costs. You can be positive of one thing having completed these social anxiety disorder tests – there is help readily available. You should seek help with a medical practioner for further diagnoses.

Online social anxiety disorder tests are extremely useful to come to terms with your problem and to work up the courage to seek professional help.

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Article by Peyton Prime who suffered from Severe Anxiety Disorders for a number of years but now he lives a happy full life. Don’t delay! Take the
social anxiety disorder tests
, then free yourself from experiencing these attacks again! Try the Linden Method. For more information visit –

Social Anxiety Disorder Test

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