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Eating Disorders Test

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eating disorders test

The negative effects of having an Eating Disorder

Every year, millions of men and women are stricken with the horrible reality of having an Eating Disorder. Certainly having an eating disorder has negative consequences but many are more far-reaching than most of the outside world could ever know. Sure, we know that having an eating disorder is not good for our health, but the consequences can go much deeper than that.

Let’s look at some of the specific consequences of having an eating disorder both for those that have one and for their friends and family around them.

Failing health – Having an eating disorder will almost always lead to serious health consequences for the person suffering. While weight loss is an obvious side effect for many, this is often only the tip of the iceberg. Not getting enough nutrients is a common occurrence for those with bulimia or Anorexia and this can lead to deterioration of muscle and bone tissue as well as problems in the overall functioning of the body’s organs, often leading to organ failure. Dehydration is another serious side effect as is heart disease, heart attacks, or even strokes.

Depression – while Depression is often the cause for some of some eating Disorders, it is a common side effect of the condition as well. The person afflicted may become very reclusive because of their problems in dealing with this horrible issue and can lead them down a further path of despair and destruction. Depression associated with eating Disorders can often be as harmful as the effects of the disease itself.

Alienation – alienation can occur because the sufferer of an eating disorder may choose to push away from friends and family because of their inability to deal with their problems. In addition, others around them may feel uncomfortable in dealing with it themselves and choose to alienate the person afflicted rather than trying to help them. This treatment can further worsen the symptoms can lead to more negative side effects.

Loss/lack of mental concentration – because the bodies of those suffering from Eating Disorders often don’t get enough calories and or nutrients, they are often in a state of confusion and lack true mental awareness. They may forget conversations or calendar items or lose their train of thought in the middle of conversations. This can result in younger men and women doing poorly in school on tests and general schoolwork and can affect those who are older with their daily job performance. These symptoms can be extremely harmful to the sufferer especially in situations where they’re driving an automobile or operating some other form of machinery.

The above represent just some of the very and dangerous side effects of having an eating disorder. While these symptoms and effects can be extremely harmful if not treated, detecting signs early and seeking treatment can do wonders for the patient. If you or someone that you care about thinks they have an eating disorder, seek help immediately to avoid any of these symptoms getting worse and leading to sickness, depression, or even death.

About the Author

Emile Jarreau, aka, Mr. Fat Loss is fascinated by health, nutrition and weight loss. For more great info about eating disorder for losing weight and keeping it off visit

Psychological Disorders : How to Take a Self-Test for Eating Disorders

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Anorexia Nervosa Treatment

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anorexia nervosa treatment
Anorexia nervosa and got my period?

I have Anorexia nervosa and havent had my period for about a year. I was in treatment for almost 8 weeks and put on quite a bit of weight. I have been struggling and havent been eating much since coming out but I just my period back this morning. Why did I get it when I havent been eating much at all lately? Its really confusing and stressing me out!!!

you have your period because even though you haven’t been eating a lot you body is noticing a source of nutrient being introduced so its feeding off of that and trying to get back to its regular track. you should still go to the dr and make sure every things alright especially if you fear you may be slipping back into your old ways of eating or should i say lack of eating

Looking for Anorexia Nervosa TREATMENT? Here’s Anorexia Nervosa TREATMENT information for you!

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Eating Disorders Statistics

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eating disorders statistics
What percentage of girls who start dieting at 13 get eating Disorders?

I know a girl who has been dieting since she was 13 and still is (she’s probably around 15 now). What are the chances of her getting an Eating Disorder? I’ve heard that like 86% of girls who diet at that age end up with one, is that true? What statistics do you have/know? I really would like to warn her parents, especially since they see nothing wrong with her behavior. I’m not sure if she’s throwing up in a bathroom or anything like that, but she definately is watching what she is eating, eating foods marked “low carb”, keeping track of how many pounds she has lost, and exercises for the benefit of weight loss. Also looks like she could use a vitamin if you know what I mean..
Thanks to all who help.

i’ve been dieting for a year and a half (since 13 1/2) and i dont have a disorder, maybe shes just trying to be healthy. talk to her before her parents. there could be something going on at home, eating is a bout self control, maybe if shes lost something she thinks regaining the ability to choose what she eats can bring things back into focus and get stability.
hope i helped

Eating Disorders Statistics

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