Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder Symptoms

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Diagnosed with borderline, histrionic, dependent and narcissistic personality Disorders?

Anyone with any of these Disorders, tell me your symptoms, dont download them from wikipedia, i want your symptons and what you go through.
I need someone to relate too :)

Borderline– One day thinking one thing, another day the next. Often with family members. ex. One day I love my dad so much I would take a bullet for him, the next I hate him so much I could shoot him myself. For no reason. Also innapropriate emotion, ex. laughing at a funeral. Fear of being alone. Feeling misunderstood.

Histrionic– Sort of like hypochondria. You always think you have something wrong with you, or feel that you need to be in the center of attention.

I don’t know anything about dependent, sorry.

Narcissistic– Thinking you’re better than people, ex. you deserve more respect. Or your rules apply to everyone but you. Thinking extremely high of yourself.

Hope I helped.

Symptoms of narcissistic Personality Disorder with Charles manson

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Common Mental Disorders

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common mental disorders
What are common mental Disorders in twins?

So I’m making a script, and I want it to be as acurate as possible so I need a bit of info. I need to know what kind of mental Disorders are common in twins. And I need to know if both twins would have it or just one. The twins in the movie need to be identical but only one have it. I need it to be a fairly strong disorder, nothing like Anxiety. anything with unpredictable behavior?
I cant really do an addiction, it’s a 10 year old girl in the movie, and I need it to be like something that would have someone put in an asylum or something, maybe something misunderstood.
maybe disorder was the wrong word, i mean like something that cant be helped like Autism and things in that sense. I don’t want to use Autism though, my friend has autistic twins and I dont want him to think i used his kids as characters

A 10 year old is extremely young to have any kind of Mental Disorder. Perhaps research behavioural Disorders In Children or maybe write about some sort of abuse or trauma that one twin suffered. Many, if not all, Mental Disorders have some kind of genetic component but, if you look at twin studies you’ll see that identical twins do not always develop the same issues. One twin could have Schizophrenia and the other not but, again, 10 is very young to have a character with a Mental Illness like that. It would distract from any sort of reality for your story line.

You could just have the child have an unspecified problem and do the story without writing about a diagnosis. Of course, I would refrain from writing about Mental Illness unless you’ve done a lot of research. There are enough stereotypes and stigma out there and adding to it would just be horrible.

Talk about common Mental Disorders

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