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Mental Health Center

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mental health center

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Mental Health Facility for You

Looking for the perfect mental health facility, read below as we share some quick tips.

As the world is gaining speed and moving faster than ever, many more people are experiencing a more complicated lifestyle. That’s one reason why Mental Health Illnesses is a growing problem in today’s society. It affects a large number of the population. And as the world gets more advanced many others are feeling the affects.

If you’re feeling hopeless, depressed, or going through a personal crisis and need help but, you have no idea where to turn; these 10 tips may assist you to find the perfect mental health facility for you:

1. Cost

The cost of treatment is the main reason why patients fail in receiving treatment. Because of the high cost of rehabilitation services, many suffering from Mental Health Issues go un-treated. Finding a government subsidized program without downgrading services, maybe an option.

2. Holistic approach
For proper treatment a more holistic approach is deem necessary. Since substance abuse recovery isn’t one dimensional, your treatment couldn’t be either.

3. Location

Finding a great location can be a challenge. Although sometimes patients are embarrassed and want to be far away from friends and family members. However, being too far from home can become a bigger burden to your family. So when picking the best treatment facility, choose the one that you will not mind traveling to at the drop of a dime.

4.The Staff
This is an important step. Deciding on where you may be living for the next 30-90 days or more. You will want to spend some time talking with the staff members to make sure it’s a good fit for you.

5. Management
Yes. Management plays a major role is the way businesses operate. So regardless to how well-kept the facility is, if the management team isn’t more concern about its clients… you may want to keep looking.

6. Find the Best Counselor

Since counseling is a huge part of recovery, you will want to take some time in your decision making process. You can look in the local directory for advertisements or ask other friends or family members for referrals. Without doubt, referrals are always better, because you can always trust a friend or former patient.

7. Appearance of the Facility

Unfortunately, some times long term care is needed. To ensure a pleasant stay, be sure that the mental health center has a ‘like home’ feel. The facility should be clean, neat and organized with plenty of recreational activities, to keep their clients busy.

8. State Certified
Don’t overlook this area. You will hate to get started in treatment and for some reason or another, you have to move to another facility.

9.Know what to expect

While during your recovery you will be assigned a team of counselors. Your counselors will put together a treatment plan based on your info and their professional advice. Know exactly what steps they plan to take.

10. Mission Statement
This may sound silly or unimportant, but the company’s mission statement tells the whole company’s story in a nutshell.


About the Author

A substance abuse counselor is your partner in helping free you or a loved one from their substance dependency. It’s never too late to live a happy and mentally healthy life. Make a decision. Contact CSNC @ 252-523-2600 Today!

North River Mental Health Center: Waves of Promise – Part I

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Bipolar Depression

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bipolar depression

How To Live With Bipolar Depression

Depression can be incredibly hard to live with; it permeates every part of a person’s life and leaves them feeling very low and unable to cope with day to day life. Most people will have an encounter with depression during their life and most people cope with it and move on without any problems. For people with Bipolar depression life can be quite different.
Bipolar depression tends to come in cycles which are mixed with periods when the sufferer feels intense highs. During these highs bipolar depression is forgotten and the person might feel invincible and this can lead to other problems. When someone who is bipolar is in the middle of a bipolar depression period they tend to go into a deep depression, their sleeping patterns can be affected, they may lose their appetite, they lack motivation and their personal relationships can suffer. If the bipolar depression episode is particularly intense they may even contemplate suicide, so it is essential that they learn effective ways that will help them to live with bipolar depression.
Firstly it is important to try to get bipolar depression under control as this will make life slightly easier for the sufferer. This should be done by getting medical advice and treatment to stabilise the moods of the person with Bipolar Disorder. Medication to control bipolar depression can be prescribed and many people with Bipolar Disorder find that this is a huge step forward for them. They will still have periods or episodes of bipolar depression but with the correct medication and management these can become less frequent. By lowering the frequency of these periods, a person who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder can deal better with them.
As well as medication, another good way to learn to live with bipolar depression is by attending cognitive behavioural therapy sessions which can help a person to pinpoint triggers for their depression. When a person is able to pinpoint these triggers they can then either try to avoid these types of situations, or if they are unavoidable, learn strategies to cope and lessen the impact of bipolar depression when it strikes. Obviously, this type of treatment is not suitable for everyone but many people do benefit from it and it is worth taking a look at if you suffer from bipolar depression.
Exercise can also play an important role in living with bipolar depression as it encourages the production and release of endorphins, a natural chemical that the body produces when it is happy. This also occurs when a person exercises – so it is a good idea for those people who suffer from bipolar depression to take regular exercise as it will benefit them.
Some people also advocate alternative treatments such as taking up yoga or meditation as it allows the bipolar depression sufferer to relax and learn further coping mechanisms. Whilst not everyone would agree, those people who do practice yoga or meditation do find that it improves their mood and general wellbeing which is both useful and valuable.

About the Author

Online Bi Polar Support provides useful information About Bipolar Disorder or bipolar depression, four different types, Bipolar Disease and Bipolar Treatment.

Jennifer’s Story: Healing Bipolar Mania/Depression Naturally

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Anxiety Disorder Center

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anxiety disorder center
General Anxiety Disorder?

My problem is I have been taking Zoloft for quite sometime and now I have been downgraded to generic version of Zoloft which is kind of similar to zoloft.

I read something about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is better than taking medication. Also I read that people get Anxiety or one of the causes of anxiety is because of not having a stable childhood. This is defiantly me I did not have a stable childhood at all, I moved from school to school had a lot of problems in schools. I can summarize it briefly and say my childhood was messed up, very messed up, (its not just problems I had in school I had problems outside of school I did not have any friends as a kid). And kids can be mean. Anyways my question is: Does anyone know where I could locate a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy center?

look on the internet and its probably not just a center. you might want to look under therapist or Psychologist. because a lot of the times therapist and Psychologist have different therapies (cognitive, behavioral, humanistic, biological, etc) and they all might work in the same clinic. and yes the cognitive behavorial therapist/psychologist will help you the most with your anxiety because anxiety is cognitive and then it shows in your behavior. but to start by yourself, sit down and think about why your are the way you are, what exactly happened in your past, why do you still act this way, etc. yes it sounds stupid, but that is what the psychologist is going to do, they pick your brain!!! so you can save some money for a bit and pick your own brain, then go see someone and tell them exactly whats up and they might have some ideas that you never thought of to fix your problem. and if you dont like the meds, get off of them, sometimes they can cover up the problem (meaning they make everything seem ok, so you cant really find out why you have anxiety because they are making you forget about it and making you happy!! you get it right??) so look for a specific person, not a center or a clinic!! good luck and dont forget to smile at everyone!!!

Attacking Anxiety And Depression – Lisa Talks Describes Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

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