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Anxiety Treatments

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anxiety treatments
Are there treatments for Anxiety besides medication?

I’ve had problems with Anxiety for quite some time. I followed the medication route. I have found medication to be effective at first, then it stops working and since all medication causes physical dependence it creates problems even worse than the initial anxiety. So, I’d save any pharmaceutical intervention for if you ever get to a point where you have no other choice.

Now, anxiety is very manageable. I know that the problem with anxiety is that the mind races and wanders into areas that it generally doesn’t need to be at that moment. So, you need to learn to focus your attention away from negative thoughts and practice something that you can do anywhere. Look up “progressive muscle relaxation”, and try deep breathing where you inhale normally but exhale slowly. Also, to break negative thought patterns, I’ve found visualizing something concrete helped, like a number or a stop sign.

You can beat it, trust me.

Top 3 Tips: Natural Anxiety Treatment San Diego Ph.D.

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Childhood Anxiety Attacks

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childhood anxiety attacks
Anxiety from physical touch?

Whenever someone touches me, I feel uncomfortable. It is true for both men and women, though I definately feel less threatened around women. I avoid touch without thinking. I feel programmed to stay 2 feet away from everyone.

I believe the cause for this is an abusive childhood. My older siblings and I were physically beaten. One of my siblings was molested. I know that watching this was extremely trumatizing. Still, I feel like I’m pretty smart and that I’ve managed to overcome a lot of obsticles in my life.

How can I cure myself of these Anxiety Attacks from something as simple as human touch? I shouldn’t have to keep the world 2 feet away. I shouldn’t panic when someone bumps into me. I shouldn’t feel uncomfortable when I kiss the girl I love.


Takes time and effort. I’m so sorry for your pain. Check out I’ve been going to one of these doctors for a while and it’s helped my life in every aspect, particularly the ones you mention.

Also check out The Relaxation Response by Herbert Benson.

Childhood Anxiety Attacks – A Simple 5 Step Method That Will Help Your Child Overcome Panic Attacks

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August 19th, 2011 at 5:24 am

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