Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Pelvic Floor Disorders

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Can you sue your parents for an emotionally and physically debilitating religious upbringing?

I have a disorder called vaginismus from my radical religious upbringing. Vaginismus is the psychological fear of penetrative sex, manifesting itself in the form of frozen pelvic floor muscles, making penetration excruciatingly painful, if not impossible. It only has two causes. Rape, and a religious upbringing were sex is taught to be dirty, and evil, and sexual desire is taught to be a sin. I can’t have sex because of my religious upbringing. And the only surgery to fix it costs thousands of dollars. Can I sue my parents for doing this to me?
I’m seeing the leading doctor on the forefront of treating vaginismus, I was diagnosed, and was told the cause of my vaginismus was my religious upbringing. Talk-therapy will not un-freeze your pelvic floor muscles. I’m asking a legal question here, not medical.
*waiting for a real answer*
There is no god. If you think there is one. Do not answer this question, and go seek mental help, your answers will not be regarded.

Excellent legal research topic! Search your state’s appellate court cases, which many states now have online, for similar issues and cases. There was a spate of suits and criminal cases against fathers a while back for sexual abuse based upon recovery of repressed memories. This is not too dissimilar.

Dr. Khan discusses female pelvic floor Disorders

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