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Anxiety Disorder Test

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anxiety disorder test

Take The Social Anxiety Disorder Tests Now!

The following social Anxiety disorder tests have been developed to assist you in determining if you may be experiencing symptoms related to Social Anxiety.

The results of this information do not constitute the practice of medicine, and this information does not replace the advice of your physician or other health care providers.

Anxiety is often a common reply to stress filled situations in everyday life however, for a lot of people anxiety may become an enormous problem. If anxiety is changing the way you enjoy life, then you could be suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder. Social Anxiety, or Social Phobia, is the anxiety caused through social interreaction. While there are no easy Social Anxiety Disorder tests, there are a variety of well known signs or symptoms which will help you to figure out what it is you are experiencing.

Do you answer yes to one or more of these questions …

1. Do you go out of your way to avoid social situations in which you might meet new people because of extreme discomfort around strangers or an overwhelming fear that you’ll do or say something embarrassing?

2. Do you experience problems with Severe Anxiety when asked to perform or speak in front of a group of people, including heart palpitations, even shaking or trembling?

3. Do you sometimes experience Emotional Stress like shortness of breath or feeling as if you cannot breathe?

4. Do you sometimes experience Emotional Stress like fear that you’re going crazy or are detached from reality?

5. Do you fear or desist from eating, drinking or writing in front of other people?

6. Does social interaction interfere with your work, school or personal life?

7. Do you feel like you’re constantly being judged or sized up when in public, even avoiding situations so this won’t happen?

8. Do you experience extreme nervousness, panic, or discomfort when dealing with authority figures such as a teacher, your boss, or other people in authority?

9. Do you understand that your fears are unreasonable or excessive but feel powerless to control them?

10. Do you often stress over or avoid phoning people you don’t know?

Individuals who suspect they are suffering from one or more of these problems often have deep embarrassment about their condition and have become habituated to hiding their anxiety at all costs. You can be positive of one thing having completed these social anxiety disorder tests – there is help readily available. You should seek help with a medical practioner for further diagnoses.

Online social anxiety disorder tests are extremely useful to come to terms with your problem and to work up the courage to seek professional help.

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Article by Peyton Prime who suffered from Severe Anxiety Disorders for a number of years but now he lives a happy full life. Don’t delay! Take the
social anxiety disorder tests
, then free yourself from experiencing these attacks again! Try the Linden Method. For more information visit –

Social Anxiety Disorder Test

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Mental Disorders Quiz

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mental disorders quiz

One of the basic most needs of human: Food!

There are two types of people in the world, some of which eat to live. They do not have many choices about the food they eat; they are just fine with anything served to them. They are content by just eating food, which according to those people is a mere source of energy and nothing more. The other group of people believes that they live to eat. They love the food very much. They are fond of eating good food, serving good dishes etc. Their life revolves around eating good food and enjoying it to the fullest. They are called foodie. Anything is done, if it is done in moderation. But some people pull their love for food so much that they suffer from various eating Disorders.

They indulge in too much eating. On the other hand there are people who do not wish to eat at all. They cook and serve food to others, but will not eat it themselves. These are two extreme cases of eating Disorders. The first one is called Bulimia Nervosa; this involves extreme behavior in eating. People cannot control the urge to eat and continue gorging on food. Once the guilt takes over their urge, they induce vomiting and indulge in purging. This activity is called bingeing and purging. The people indulge in such kind of behavior, doe to distorted self image and unhappiness in their own skin. It is taught to us right from the childhood, that one should be happy being one self and should avoid comparing with others to maintain mental peace.

By comparing ourselves with others does not really work. Every creation has a meaning for existing. One should strive hard to realize the meaning and try to live to fulfill it. Many people have very strange ideas about their looks and are always dissatisfied with them. They are on a quest to change the way they look and hence undertake measures like Overeating or eating very less. This Mental Disorder teamed with faulty eating habits can be very dangerous as this combination turns out to be very lethal. Many people, even after suffering from this disorder, remain in denial on purpose or by ignorance. After they detect the symptoms, they can visit web sites online or consult a doctor to take an Eating Disorder quiz. Results of this quiz then affirm or deny the disorder. If it is confirmed, then people are recommended to get admitted into rehab or seek medical help at Eating Disorder treatment centers nearby.

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For more information on please visit:

Bipolar violence, Bipolar Disorder quiz, bipolar mood chart

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Written by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

August 22nd, 2011 at 11:34 pm

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Self Test

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post traumatic stress disorder self test

Time for a Break in the Game of Life

Life is a stressful game — one that you have no option but to play till the end. However, like all games, players will inevitably have a moment or two of frustration at how the cards have been dealt. People grow frustrated with the rules and regulations of the game, as well as having a sense of indignation at how some people are able to “bend” the rules while others are incapable of doing so. These instances of Stress And Anxiety can really get to people though there are several ways to help alleviate the problem. Some people are able to react well or have the ability to cope with the Stress And Anxiety of modern life, with all the trials and tribulations that playing the game entails. However, some people cannot deal with stress and anxiety, eventually making that person’s mind open ground for a number of mental Disorders.

However, for the average person, getting away from the stress and anxiety is better than embracing it and going insane. Just taking some time to “get away from it all” is practically required, with all the pressure and stress that the modern world puts on people. There are several ways to go about this, with no two options having exactly the same parameters. Indeed, there are some who might argue that Stress Relief methods that work for one person may only serve to compound stress in another person. However, some unofficial studies have found that, among the general population, there are several common methods that people use as Stress Relief.  Drinking and smoking are among the most commonly used means of handling stress. Yet both vices are also potentially harmful due to the habit-forming effects of nicotine and alcohol.    Alcohol is rapidly metabolized by the body and can impair judgment fairly quickly. In large quantities, it may also cause damage to a person’s liver. Smoking poses even more long-term health risks, in the form of lung cancer and various other respiratory problems.

Music, particularly classical or symphonic music, has also been known to be an effective form of stress relief.  Psychiatrists believe that classical music is at a much higher standard compared to most contemporary music. The melodies are known to have several beneficial effects on the human psyche, from soothing feelings of anxiety and tension to helping stimulate some areas of the brain. While there are some samples of more modern compositions that can achieve similar effects, most studies show that there is a lack of consistency to this. Popular myth holds that Mozart’s compositions tend to be the best stress relief music, with Bach and Vivaldi also having similar effects, albeit at lesser degrees.

Some combat veterans have found that violent video games can also serve as stress relief. Studies have shown that the games can help relieve not only the stress that compounds on a person daily, these games can also act as a front line treatment for post-Traumatic Stress disorder. The reasons for this are still not yet fully understood, but the tests results are only confirming what hardcore gamers have been proclaiming for years. The games used for the tests vary, though the cited examples tend to revolve around the latest crop of violent first-person shooters, such as “Unreal Championship” and “Halo 3.”

Nature is also cited as being an excellent way to relieve stress. There are several scenes and facets of nature that are highly relaxing, with the babbling brook approaching the status of a stereotype from the sheer number of references to it. Other scenes from nature known to have a relaxant effect are the Grand Canyon, the Matterhorn, and pristine beaches. For some people, just pictures or the sound alone can help, but for others, the relief from stress comes from actually being there. Going to these places provide a well-deserved reprieve from the countless trials and tribulations one encounters when playing the game.

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Written by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

August 10th, 2011 at 11:31 am

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